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Want the lowdown on game updates and other Elsword related happenings? Get it straight from your favorite GMs right here in Elsword Online’s Game Master’s Blog!

CO Cuddles, GM Crow, and GM Amelia bring you the latest news from in and around Elrios. We’re sure to drop hints on new game content coming up, so watch out! Even better, the GM Blog regularly features the real stars of Elsword Online—the player community! Get to know more about the cool Elpeeps that you might have already run a dungeon with, or you might get featured yourself! Catch new posts every Tuesday and Friday!

Like a shining beacon of harmonious troll-deterrence, CO Cuddles keeps the Elpeeps on their toes with rules to abide and contests to join for cool prizes. On her downtime, she likes reality shows and drawing. Cuddles occasionally appears on the Elsword GM Livestream, and here with Community Spotlight, a look at the talented individuals from the Elsword community.

Elsword Online’s new community organizer for Latin America, CO Pebbles is a sporty kind of gal. She’s often seen playing soccer and working out on her spare time. On other occasions, she also enjoys comic books and video games, a truly awesome combo indeed.

Who likes randomly dropping in on players’ matches? GM Crow, that’s who. This game master is somewhat of a jokester, though pretty great to hang out with in the village. On the weekends, he is usually found playing games, watching anime, or looking out for glorious food. Crow is one of the hosts of the weekly GM Livestream.

Kill3rCombo’s resident writer types pretty fast and hopes there is a parallel universe where this skill boosts her to the top of Elsword PvP Rankings. GM Amelia likes to try different wings on Rena, but is secretly jealous of Eve’s flying. She likes games, books, kitchen experiments, and dragons.

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